Host City Malmö


One of the best features of Malmö is that it’s close to many things, so if you have the opportunity we recommend you visit the city. It’s both easy and idyllic to get around on bicycle in Sweden’s flattest region. At several of our hotels you can borrow bicycles and go sightseeing. Why not take a closer look at Turning Torso down at the architectural pearl and smell the sea as you look out over Öresund?

If you want to see more than Malmö, the university city of Lund is only ten minutes away by train and Copenhagen is 35 minutes away. If you are travelling by air, it takes 20 minutes to both Copenhagen Airport and Malmö Airport.

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden with a population of approx. 320,000. It is located on the southern tip of the country within easy reach of Copenhagen in Denmark via the Öresund Bridge which spans between the two countries.

Malmö is a modern, vibrant city that has seen extensive waterfront development during the last decade’s. Couple this with the quaint traditional buildings of old parts of the city such as Lila Torget there are many things to experience and enjoy.