About us

The Swedish Association of Midwives.

The midwife’s field of work includes the woman’s sexual and reproductive health with a lifecycle perspective.

The aims are:

to promote the professional development of midwives
to promote research and development in midwifery care
to work to ensure that the practice of midwifery has an ethical approach and is carried out in accordance with scientific development and reliable experience
to work to ensure that midwifery education also is designed for promotion of professional development
to work for national, Nordic and international co-operation in midwifery
to promote co-operation with organisations related to midwifery
to promote sexual and reproductive health from a rights perspective
to initiative and participate in the progress of health, medical and social services, for the health of women and children.

A brief History

  • 1886



    The association works independently and actively to develop the professional midwifery skills, promote women’s sexual reproductive health as well as enhance better reproductive and perinatal care.

  • Ethics


    All activities are based on a fundamentally humanistic approach and conducted without bias regarding nationality, race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, political views or social status.



  • Activities


    Biennal General Meetings

    The activities are carried out by the Biennal General Meeting, the National Board of the Swedish Association of Midwives, the local associations, the monthly journal Jordemodern, the Board of Scientific, Ethics, Education and the International Board.

    The Swedish Association of Midwives is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO).

  • 2016

    6000 members

    The Swedish Association of Midwives
    Baldersgatan 1
    SE-114 27 Stockholm
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The Swedish Midwives Association.

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